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About us

Some say connection comes too easy these days. That our connections to the world’s latest and greatest have actually disconnected us from the people around us. Well, here at Backswing, connection is our special ingredient.

Founded by former golf buddies, our brewery was built upon a relationship many years running. Three friends who enjoyed getting out on the course, enjoying the weather and having a few cold ones, together.

But as time passed, time became harder to come by. So we took up a hobby that allowed us to stay connected without sacrificing so much time away from our families-we started brewing beer. Honest-to-goodness beer. Easy-drinking beer, to tout out to the golf course. Enjoy by the pool. Or relax with in our favorite easy chair. Beer the way we liked it. Straightforward and focused on taste-not complexity or trends.

See to us, brewing is about the time that we put into each one of our beers, the excitement we share when we perfect each one, and the connections we make with the people that drink them. And so our hobby became our mission: to craft great-tasting beer that anyone can enjoy, together.

-TJ Walker, Pat Simpson, Cory Sinclair - Backswing's Co-owners

Backswing. For a better round of beer.